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My Child, As You Grow Older


Celebrate individuality & resilience with ‘My Child As You Grow Older.’ Empower kids & enrich both classrooms and homes with valuable life lessons in a gentle and fun way!

Join the celebration of personal growth and positivity in ‘My Child As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life’. Teachers, bring this empowering book into your classrooms, nurturing valuable discussions and character development.

A powerful way to elevate your child’s learning with every page!





This inspiring book encourages children to embrace their unique journey through life. Written in a fun and gentle way to offer a positive perspective and instill confidence and resilience. My Child As You Grow Older teaches children that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning.

Through rhymes and relatable storytelling, ‘My Child, As You Grow Older’ offers words of encouragement, inspiration, and reassurance. It emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and reminds children that they are worthy of love and support, no matter what.

* Parents seeking to ignite their child’s potential will discover a treasure trove of creativity and empowerment within these pages, nurturing their development with every turn.

* Teachers will also find this book to be an invaluable resource, providing enriching lessons to foster resilience and self-esteem in the classroom.

** Special Announcement for teachers,schools and organizations: 

Laura is now offering both virtual and in-person school author visits. If you’re interested in an educational and engaging session with your students, please reach out for more information.  Email:

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